The club relies on membership subscriptions as a large part of its income.

We have three categories of membership:

1. Class Members
The annual subscription is $60.
This gives members a 20% discount for classes, workshops and Raku Days.
Class members receive priority for attendance to classes and workshops. They receive the newsletter via email; have full voting rights but only have access to the club rooms during classes and other club activities.

2. Full Membership
The annual subscription is $150.
This gives these members access to the security code and pin that allows entry to the rooms at any time, ability to book a kiln for their own use, and the use of all the glaze materials.
Full members get a 40% discount and priority attendance on all classes and workshops and Raku Days.
They receive the news letter via email and have full voting rights.

3. Associate Members
The annual subscription is $30.
This membership suits retired club members who will receive the newsletters via email, have full voting rights and can attend club evenings.

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